MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONS ARE IN EFFECT for all CFPUA residential and business customers until further notice. Learn more here.

New Hanover County is currently collecting debris from Hurricane Matthew. A State of Emergency is still in effect due to coastal flood warnings. Stay up-to-date at and report power outages to Duke Energy at 1-800-POWERON.


Using interactive exhibits, visitors can

  • test their knowledge of which plant species are native to the region and which have been introduced from other countries.
  • learn about the various types of waterways in the Lower Cape Fear and which watercraft best suit each one. Additionally, visitors can make connections with watercraft artifacts on display.
  • operate a digger to “dredge” a channel.
  • read and record the weather on the site using weather instruments and manual dials.
  • experience a “ghost forest” through photographs and cypress trees, explaining the effects of increased salinity in the Cape Fear River.
  • learn in our “outdoor classroom,” a grassy, quiet spot south of the Maritime Pavilion.
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