2016-17 Outreach

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Outreach Opportunities

Outreach programs are for groups of 20 or more. All programs are linked to Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards. For more information about each outreach, click on the program title to download a program flyer.

Cape Fear Wild (PDF)
60 minutes ~ Grades K-1
Discover native plants and animals.
Science Standards: K.P.1, K.L.1; 1.L.1, 1.L.2

Star Stories (PDF)*
60 minutes ~ Grades 1–2
Enjoy interactive star stories inside a digital planetarium.
Social Studies Standards: 1.C.1; 2.C.1; Science Standards: 1.E.1

Weather Wonders (PDF)
60 minutes ~ Grade 2
Investigate different elements of weather.
Science Standards: 2.E.1

Solar System and Beyond Outreach (PDF)*
60 minutes ~ Grade 3
Examine the night sky inside a digital planetarium.
Science Standards: 3.E.1

Earth, Moon and Sun (PDF)*
60 minutes ~ Grade 4
Get moving as you analyze this celestial system. (Includes digital planetarium experience)
Science Standards: 4.E.1

History Mysteries
60 minutes ~ Grades 3–5
Examine artifacts to interpret the past.
Social Studies: 3.H.1, 3.H.2, 3.E.1; 4.H.1, 4.E.1; 5.H.1, 5.E.1

Wild Weather (PDF)
60 minutes ~ Grade 5
Explore local weather patterns and phenomena.
Science Standards: 5E.1; 5.P.2

Solar Quest*
60 minutes ~ Grade 6
Go on a voyage of discovery through our solar system. (Includes digital planetarium experience)
Science: 6.E.1

Note: Outreach programs can be booked as a Field Trip. Call 910-798-4362 for details!

*Funding for the digital planetarium provided by North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Outreach Fees

  • Schools in New Hanover County: $6 per student
  • Schools outside New Hanover County: $7 per student (Bookings outside New Hanover Co. are subject to additional mileage fee.)


Cape Fear Museum outreach programs can be booked as a field trip and tailored for your home-schooled students (minimum 10 students).


Call 910-798-4362 or email CFMprograms@nhcgov.com.

814 Market Street • Wilmington, NC 28401 • Phone 910-798-4370 • Fax 910-798-4382