Find & Download Data

New Hanover County publishes and shares a variety of data sets with our community. Along with our GIS services, we also share tax information, aerials photographs, information regarding recently issued building permits, and property sales.

By making it easy for our community to find and retrieve useful information, we hope to facilitate new opportunities and the economic prosperity of New Hanover County, its businesses, communities and residents.

For quick access, and to explore our published services, go directly to our REST service directory using your browser.

Here you will find a collection of the GIS services we have published. Expanding the folders will list the stored services. Expanding a service will provide details, such as a description of the service, and a description of service layers, which includes details about the geometry type and attribute fields.

With the REST Services Directory, you can browse the contents of the GIS services we have published and get service-level metadata, or navigate a series of links to view information about each service. The links also allow you to preview how your service looks in ArcDesktop, a web browser, and other options.