Internal Audit & Fraud Hotline

New Hanover County has an internal audit function that is the ongoing process of evaluating county departments, programs, processes, and records to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, efficient and effective use of resources, and adequate security over county assets and records.

We take pride in our dedicated employees and the high-quality services that they provide to our citizens. But if you see something that concerns you within a county department, please submit a confidential report to the county’s Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline by email or phone. Examples could include illegal or fraudulent conduct, theft of county funds or other county assets, abuse of county time, property or resources, inefficient operations, or falsification of records.

How to make a confidential report:

  • Email (please mark the email "confidential")
  • Call 910-798-7119 (messages can be left anonymously if needed)

Please be as detailed as possible when making a report by email or phone.

The information provided is strictly confidential and the person’s identity providing the information, if given, will not be disclosed without consent. Exception is made for disclosing necessary information to a law enforcement agency assisting in an active criminal investigation.