Command Staff


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Sarvis, Chief Deputy K.W. Chief Deputy 910-798-4206 910-798-4200
Johnson, Major G.D. Patrol and Support Services Division    
Hart, Major J.A. Detectives and Judicial Services Division    
Evers, Major B. C. Detention Division    
Kennedy, Captain R. J. Patrol Division, Division Commander    
Simmons, Captain J. L. Judicial Services Division, Division Commander    
Wyatt, Captain L. M. Detectives Division, Division Commander    
Blanchard, Captain K. L. Patrol Division, Division Commander    
Long, Captain A. D. Detention Division, Division Commander    
Edwards, Captain E. K. Vice and Narcotics Division, Division Commander    
Smith, Captain C. L. Support Services Division, Division Commander    
Augst, Captain J. L. Detention Division, Division Commander    
Greger, Lieutenant T. L. Judicial Division, Assistant Division Commander    
Murphy, Lieutenant K. W. Detention Division, Assistant Division Commander Security    
Grindstaff, Lieutenant C. D. Vice and Narcotics Division, Assistant Division Commander    
Brown, Lieutenant E. P. Support Services Division, Assistant Division Commander    
Wilson, Lieutenant T. W. Detention Division, Assistant Division Commander    
Carroll, Lieutenant L. E. Detective Division Assistant Division Commander    
Gore, Lieutenant C. E. Patrol Division, Assistant Division Commander    
Brewer, Lieutenant J. J. Administration Division, Public Information Officer    
Willaford, Lieutenant N. L. Judicial Division, Security Section    
Fabiano, Lieutenant R. C. Patrol Division, Watch Commander    
Garris, Lieutenant W. L. Support Services Division, Logistics    
Jewell, Lieutenant J. L. Judicial Services Division, Bailiffs    
Pope, Lieutenant J. S. Support Services Division, Recruitment    
Fike, Lieutenant M. A. Patrol Division, Watch Commander    
Clemens, Lieutenant M. E. Detention Division, Squad Commander    
Almasy, Lieutenant J. Patrol Division, Watch Commander    
Norton, Lieutenant R. S. Support Services Division, ASU    
Granda, Lieutenant E. J. Patrol Division, College Resource Commander    
Robinson, Lieutenant L. C. Patrol Division, ILM Airport    
Sellers, Lieutenant K. M. Support Services Division, Training    
Starman, Lieutenant C. O. Detective Division, Watch Commander CID    
Dube, Lieutenant C. F. Patrol Division, CDU Commander    
Bryant, Lieutenant J. C. Patrol Division, ERT Commander    
Schmidlin, Lieutenant S. M. Patrol Division, Marine Unit    
Dombrowski, Lieutenant D. M. Detention Division, Squad Commander (910) 798-4237  
Bacon, Lieutenant A. E. Vice and Narcotics, Squad Commander    
Pinney, Lieutenant J. S. Detention Division, Classification (910) 798-4246  
Perry, Lieutenant D.F. Judicial Division, Civil (910) 798-4517  
Mills, Lieutenant R.O. Detention Division, Squad Commander (910) 798-4227  
Pllaha, Lieutenant E.B. Detention Division, Squad Commander (910) 798-4183  
Olinger, Lieutenant D.A. Patrol Division, SRO Commander 910-798-4227  
Varella, Lieutenant J.D. Administration Division, Internal Affairs 910-798-4206  
Cortes, Lieutenant J. Vice and Narcotics Division, Division Commander 910-798-4100  
Spruill, D. O. Lieutenant J. N. Detention Division, Squad Commander