What services will the museum have?

The museum experience will be greatly enhanced with a planetarium/immersive theater, gallery for Cape Fear Stories, health and nutrition gallery, Science Matters gallery, outdoor exhibit space, and a changing gallery to accommodate a wider range of traveling exhibits. There will be plenty of outdoor space dedicated to the museum and for the community to use for celebrations and meetings, and shared multi-purpose space for additional programming opportunities.

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1. What is the goal of the project?
2. What services will the library have?
3. What services will the museum have?
4. What happens to the current Cape Fear Museum building?
5. Is parking on the block being factored into the project?
6. When will construction begin?
7. When will the private side of the block be developed?
8. What’s included in the private development?
9. What does the Local Government Commission (LGC) approve related to the project?
10. Could the county finance this project on its own?
11. What are the benefits of a Public Private Partnership for this project?
12. How was a public-private partner chosen?
13. Is this project similar to the Government Center redevelopment?