What are the next steps for the project?

May 2023: A new development agreement for the redevelopment of the county-owned block in Downtown Wilmington bounded by Chestnut, Grace, Second and North Third streets was presented to the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners at its meeting on Monday, May 15. Following a public hearing, Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the new agreement.

May-August 2023: Staff and the development team finalized the design plans and the construction project was put out for bid in May. Then, a revised development agreement that incorporated the results of the bid process with final financials was presented to Commissioners and approved at the.  

A public hearing on the debt issuance was held at the Board of Commissioners' August 21 regular meeting and can be viewed here Upcoming Meetings and County Vision Upcoming Meetings and County Vision Upcoming Meetings and County Vision Upcoming Meetings and County Vision Upcoming Meetings and County Vision. At the meeting, the Commissioners adopted a resolution authorizing the debt issuance application to be presented to the Local Government Commission for the revised development agreement. 

September 2023: Commissioners and staff joined the Local Government Commission at its September regular meeting to discuss the project application, history, scope and debt issuance. The LGC will vote on the debt issuance at its October meeting. If approved to move forward, construction on the library and museum facility would then begin shortly after.

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1. What is the goal of the project?
2. What is Cape Fear Development's involvement in the project?
3. What is outlined in the new development agreement?
4. How will the project be financed?
5. What would the new public facility include?
6. What services will the library have?
7. What services will the museum have?
8. What happens to the current Cape Fear Museum building?
9. Could the existing library building be renovated for the project?
10. Is parking on the block being factored into the project?
11. What will be on the private side of the block?
12. What are the benefits of a Public Private Partnership for this project?
13. What are the next steps for the project?
14. What is the history of Project Grace?