Access & Functional Needs Task Force

The Access & Functional Needs Task Force is a group of health and adult service professionals who volunteer to assist individuals who may need extra help during emergency situations. Within the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), this group is referred to as the Individual Care Coordination Center (IC-3). The Access & Functional Needs Task Force:

  • Hold frequent meetings throughout the year to refine emergency preparedness plans and address any problems that may occur.
  • Evaluate resources and services available for individuals who may need additional assistance during an emergency due to physical, medical, or functional limitations.
  • Work with adult services agencies, home health nurses, and oxygen providers to help residents develop a disaster plan specific to their needs.
  • Coordinate with the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) volunteers to provide assistance to registered individuals in the event of an emergency.

If you would like to participate on this non-appointed Task Force, please email Audrey Hart or call 910-798-6900.

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2. Access & Functional Needs Task Force
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