How Can You Support and Strengthen the Community?

Some opportunities are:

  • Faith Community Fund: donate money to be used to assist clients in need.
  • Adopt-a-Family: volunteer to mentor a family in our Work First Program.
  • Summer Camp Opportunities: donate money to allow foster children the opportunity to attend camp.
  • Luggage Program: donate luggage to foster children.
  • Foster Children Christmas Party: donate money for this annual event.
  • Foster and Adoptive Parent: become a foster or adoptive parent to children in need.
  • Adopt-a- Foster Child for Christmas: volunteer to provide Christmas gifts for a child.
  • Life Guide: provide support as a mentor to a child aging out of foster care.
  • Assist Foster Parents: offer church facilities for training; support foster parents in your congregation.
  • Backpack Program: provide new school backpacks for children in foster care.
  • School Supplies: provide school supplies for children in foster care.
  • Photo Albums: provide new photo albums for foster and adoptive children to make their own personal Life Books.

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