When we have the opportunity to tell a visitor or Wilmington resident one thing about us, it would be that Cape Fear Museum is YOUR museum. As a department of New Hanover County, our goal is to educate and serve our community. We are committed to enriching the lives of the entire community and devoted to extending our programming beyond the museum walls. We are able to provide active and hands-on learning experiences through outreach at festivals, parks, classrooms, libraries, community centers and more.

Our Vision: Welcoming. Engaging. Meaningful.

  • Provide a welcome, accessible and inviting experience whether at the museum or beyond our doors.
  • Engage our audience with programming and exhibits both at the museum and through outreach.
  • Be impactful to our visitors and add meaning to the understanding of their community and history.

Community partnerships enable us to reach and serve more constituents.  From corporate partners like GE, PNC and Piedmont Natural Gas to non-profits such as the New Hanover County Libraries, local parks and the YWCA, the museum continues to build a community coalition to provide more opportunities to our citizens.

Some of our recent outreach efforts include:

  • Cape Fear Museum educators took our digital, portable Planetarium and Magic Planet to Halyburton Park for an afternoon program. Over 125 people visited and had the opportunity to learn more about the solar system, constellations and more.
  • We are always available for extended programming at schools and took “Wild Weather” to the Center for Creative Inquiry. Students were able to conduct experiments and participate in hands-on demonstrations to explore the fundamentals of air and the elements that make up our weather.
  • Our Electricity & Magnetism field trip recently went to the New Hanover County Downtown Library. Participants were able to explore the science of magnetic strength, create circuits to power a light bulb, experiment with switches to discover how they control the flow of electricity and more.


Magic Planet at Halyburton Park

Wild Weather at Center for Creative Inquiry

Electricity & Magnetism at NHC Downtown Library
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