11 collection objects giving us the creeps this Halloween

CFM 1992.031.0443
Paper mache jack-o-lantern, about 1930
CFM 1995.025.0026
This neurologist’s skull punch (about 1960) was used to make holes in skull for wires to hold bone flap.
CFM 1986.066.0001
This body basket (about 1920) was used Jordan Funeral Home, Wilmington, NC to transport bodies.
CFM 1981.065.0001
Ouija board, about 1935
CFM 1980.007.0009
This x-ray scan showing tuberculosis in a child is from the Babies Hospital.
CFM 2012-040-0003
Children in masks, about 1955
CFM 1984.071.0001
Gas mask, about 1945. Possibly used during World War II.
CFM 2005.049.0001
This doll from American Gothic, 1995, was made by special effects makeup artist Jeff Goodwin, belonged to the character Merlyn Temple played by Sarah Paulson.
CFM 1999.035.0001
Amputation kit, 1855-1864
CFM 2012.040.0041
Woman in mask, about 1960
CFM 2005.049.0009
Made by special effects makeup artist, Jeff Goodwin, this werewolf mask (1985) was worn by Everett McGill in the movie Silver Bullet.
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