Laura Cox’s High School Diploma, May 28, 1920

CFM 1984.041.0018
Gift of Laura C. Padrick

Description: This Tileston High school diploma was awarded to Laura Grace Cox and signed by instructors and W.E. Perdew, Chairman of School District Number One & superintendent. The diploma has a picture of the school on center front.

History: Laura Cox Padrick (1902-1994) donated her high school diploma to the Museum in 1984. Ms. Cox was one of four children born to Thomas and Mary Grace Cox. In 1935, she married D.C. Padrick. Mr. Padrick worked for prominent Wilmingtonian Sarah Graham Kenan (1876-1968) as a chauffeur. Mrs. Padrick served as a Trustee for the Women’s Society of Christian Service of Trinity Methodist Church of Wilmington. She also donated a collection of fans that belonged to Sarah Graham Kenan to Cape Fear Museum.

The Tileston School was founded by Amy Morris Bradley (1823-1904) as a free school for the poor after the end of the Civil War.

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