Evan Folds

Board of Supervisors
Title: Member
Phone: 910-232-3598
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Evan Folds is a writer, teacher, serial entrepreneur, and regenerative business consultant. From his platform Be Agriculture he advocates that responsible agriculture is the answer, and that eating is an agricultural act. His work with Soil and Water is a vehicle for generating awareness and action towards the vital importance of healthy soil and clean water.

From his lifelong fascination with learning about and educating people on the wonders of the natural and spiritual world, his views culminate in the idea that conventional agriculture is the source of the issues we face in the modern world, and that regenerative agriculture is the solution. By broadening the definition of agriculture to include the realms of food, farming, and human health, it becomes possible to bring real solutions to dynamic issues such as health care, climate change, economic development, hunger, and more.

Evan is active in performing lectures and workshops for gardening and farming groups all over the world and is a contributing writer for many reputable international gardening publications. He received degrees in biology and religion from UNCW, but is most proud of his two amazing children. He has called Wilmington, NC home for the past 24 years.


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