Cape Fear Stories: 20th Century Gallery

Exhibit on view: June 28, 2019 and ongoing
Photo: Cape Fear Stories gallery
Photo: Renderings of 20th century gallery

Explore the history of the 20th century in this new gallery designed, curated and fabricated by the Cape Fear Museum team.

The revamped 20th century gallery is the final chapter of the Museum’s core exhibit, Cape Fear Stories. The new exhibit paints a picture of New Hanover County and the dramatic social, cultural and economic transformations that shaped life in the 20th century and beyond.

The new gallery illustrates that the county’s population has grown and changed since 1900. It connects this growth to rising suburbanization and the increasing role of the automobile in daily life. The exhibit explores how legally-sanctioned racial segregation shaped life in the region in big and small ways. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about a sampling of the politicians, artists, soldiers and other county residents who have made the area home over the century.

The gallery highlights the rapid pace of technological change in the 20th century by showcasing artifacts that highlight how much computing power we now hold in the palm of our hands.

The 20th century space also delves into four topics that help us understand the richness of our region’s stories:

  • Explore the rise of public education and the struggle to desegregate the schools
  • Examine the medical advances that have helped transform many peoples’ lives
  • Learn about the transformations of work in the region
  • Discover how the rise of leisure activities shaped the 20th century

Check out the video below for a virtual tour of our newest exhibit!

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