Exhibit on view: November 21, 2013 through April 13, 2014

Imagine and discover a world you can’t see! Nano, opening November 21, 2013 is a mini, interactive exhibition that engages family audiences in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology. Hands-on interactives present the basics of nanoscience and engineering, introduce some real-world applications, and explore the societal and ethical implications of this new technology.

Explore progressively smaller magnetic materials—magnetite sand, iron powder, and ferrofluid. Build a giant model of a carbon nanotube. Spin disks containing small and large plastic beads, comparing the relative effects of static electricity and gravity on different size beads. Further your nano knowledge with books and other reading material.

Nano was created by the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Network) with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

814 Market Street • Wilmington, NC 28401 • Phone 910-798-4370 • Fax 910-798-4382
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