World War II Through the Eyes of the Cape Fear

Exhibit on view: Ongoing
Photo: Ethel and Fluckie driving a jeep, 1942; During World War II Ethel Botesky was a civilian employee at Camp Davis’s Anti-Aircraft School, located near Holly Ridge, Onslow County, NC. She sits in the passenger seat of a jeep with her friend "Fluckie" at the wheel. Gift of Ethel V. Botesky, 1988

World War II: Through the Eyes of the Cape Fear is a joint project between the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s William M. Randall Library and the Cape Fear Museum. The website’s creation was funded by the North Carolina ECHO (Exploring Cultural Heritage Online) grant, awarded by the Library Development Section of the State Library of North Carolina.

The World War II experience was pervasive in the lives of people connected to or now living in Southeastern North Carolina. Both Randall Library and Cape Fear Museum’s collections provide a wide array of primary research materials to better study and understand this history.

View the online exhibit.

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