Museum Awarded Garden Club Grant

Posted November 3, 2014 at 12:45 pm     Category: NewsMuseum

Wilmington, N.C.  –  Cape Fear Museum has been awarded a $12,000 grant from the Cape Fear Garden Club to assist with landscaping of the Museum’s Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE), opening summer 2015.

The OLE will creatively employ a range of layered, playful, inquiry-based teaching techniques to appeal to multi-generational visitors. The project will imaginatively use native plantings, hands-on activities, historic objects and signage to encourage visitor exploration. The content will explore the dynamic Lower Cape Fear, where people and the environment intersect in ways that create both challenges and opportunities.

The Museum is very sensitive to the maintenance, upkeep, and sustainability of the entire project, the landscape in particular. A xeriscaping approach will be used to highlight native landscaping species and support our local ecosystems. The idea of xeriscaping is to plan an attractive, easily maintainable, water-conscious landscape. Cape Fear Museum will be targeting the use of native plants for its xeriscaping landscape. Additionally, just as the artifacts and hands-on activities will be teaching points on the site, so will the landscape elements.

Exhibits Manager Adrienne Garwood said of the award, “We are very appreciative to receive the full amount of funding requested from the Cape Fear Garden Club. We take this generous award as recognition, acknowledging the OLE as a project anchored in providing interesting, regional information about native and adapted plants. We hope this will serve to pique the interests and engage locals and tourists alike.”

The Cape Fear Garden Club, Inc. in Wilmington, North Carolina is the oldest and largest garden club in North Carolina and among the largest garden clubs in the nation. Cape Fear Garden Club, Inc. promotes beautification projects within New Hanover County through grants made possible by the proceeds from the annual Azalea Garden Tour. The club is quickly moving toward $2 million in donations to the community, mainly for maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of the Cape Fear region.

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