Museum Awarded Residents of Old Wilmington Grant

Posted July 2, 2015 at 2:38 pm     Category: NewsMuseum

WILMINGTON, N.C. –  Cape Fear Museum is proud to announce the award of a $2,500 grant from the Residents of Old Wilmington (ROW). Funds will be used to create a school bus drop-off area at the corner of Market and 8th Streets as part of the Museum’s Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE) project.

The addition of the bus drop off will allow school students to engage in the OLE as an introduction to Cape Fear Museum. The OLE will be their first experience of the museum’s interpretive approach to history and science.  As such, the experience will complement the inside space while taking advantage being in an outdoor, living environment. Taking full advantage of a new orientation location, the Museum will develop one new curriculum-based field trip using the OLE for school-aged children to attract grade-level students under-served by current field trips.

“We are grateful to the Residents of Old Wilmington for their support. Having a designated, safe place for students to begin their field trips will only enhance their experience both inside and outside the Museum,” Museum Director Sheryl Mays said.

Opening in September 2015 at the corner of 8th and Market Streets adjacent to the Museum, the Outdoor Learning Environment is an urban green space, free and accessible to the community. Its interconnected park-like landscape and interactive exhibits will introduce visitors to some of the ways that people have interacted with the region’s land and water resources through time and how these interactions have shaped the history of the Lower Cape Fear region. Visitors to the park can engage with hands-on exhibits, explore gardens featuring native and adaptive plants, learn about historic objects and images, and enjoy special educational activities. The park’s design encourages physical activity and learning through discovery, observation and play.

The Residents of Old Wilmington, Inc. (ROW) is a private non-profit, membership-based organization that collaborates with public and private organizations in the development of a vibrant, prosperous and balanced community in downtown Wilmington. Through targeted fundraising activities, ROW supports community projects that promote historic preservation and enhance quality of life. More information:

Photo: (left to right) Susan Silver, ROW board member and grant chair, Sylvia Kochler, ROW mayor, Alicia Ross, ROW board member, Kitty Yerkes, Cape Fear Museum donor relations director, Sheryl Mays, Cape Fear Museum director and Paul Mason, ROW treasurer

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