2018-19 Field Trips

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Field Trip Opportunities

All field trip programs are linked to Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards. For more information about each field trip, click on the program title to download a program flyer.

Download a full school program brochure here (PDF).



Prehistoric Cape Fear (PDF)
(Best suited for Pre-K through grade 1)
Journey back in time to explore dinosaurs and more.
Science: K.L.1; 1.L.1, 1.L.2
Mathematics: K.MD; 1.MD

One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure (PDF)
(Best suited for Pre-K through grade 1)
Enjoy an interactive journey into space in a digital planetarium.
Social Studies Standards: K.G.1, K.G.2, K.C.1, 1.C.1, 2.C.1
Science Standards: K.P.1, 1.E.1, 2.E.1.1
NC Foundations: ESD5, HPD5, LDC5, LDC7, CD1, CD5, CD7, CD8, CD10, CD12, CD14

Forces and Motion (PDF)
(Best suited for grade 1)
Play with folk toys to explore Newton’s Laws of Motion.
Science: 1.P.1

What’s in Your Backyard (PDF)
(Best suited for grades 1-3)
Explore Lower Cape Fear ecology.
Science: 1.E.2, 1.L.1, 1.L.2; 2.L.1; 3.E.2, 3.L.2

Native Americans (PDF)
(Best suited for grades 2-4)
Discover the first inhabitants of the Lower Cape Fear region.
Social Studies Standards: 2.H.1, 2.G.2, 2.E.1; 3.G.1, 3.C.1; 4.H.1, 4.G.1

Solar System and Beyond (PDF)
(Best suited for grade 3)
Examine our night sky and its cycles of change.
Science: 3.E.1

Math Madness (PDF)
(Best suited for grades 3-8)
Investigate mathematics with hands-on exhibits.
Mathematics content standards vary by grade level

People of the Past (PDF)
(Best suited for grades 3-4)
Delve into Lower Cape Fear history.
Social Studies: 3.H.1, 3.G.1, 3.E.1; 4.H.1, 4.G.1, 4.E.1

Electricity and Magnetism
(Best suited for grade 4)
Experiment with circuits, magnets and energy.
Science: 4.P.1, 4.P.2, 4.P.3
Sponsored in part by Duke Energy

NEW! Health Matters (PDF)
(Best suited for grade 5)
Investigate the components, structure, and functions of several major body systems.
Science: 5.L.1
Sponsored by South East Area Health Education Center (SEAHEC) Legacy Fund and New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation

NEW! Universe in Motion (PDF)
(Best suited for grade 6)
Learn how celestial bodies in our solar system affect what we see in the night sky and experience on Earth.
Science: 6.E.1

Simple Machines (PDF)
(Best suited for grade 7)
Discover the power of simple machines.
Science: 7.P.2

Exhibit Tours
Register for a guided or self-guided tour. Tours incorporate hands-on activities, interactive discussions, and artifact analysis.

Field Trip Fees

  • Schools in New Hanover County: $4 per student
  • Schools outside New Hanover County: $7 per student


Advance registration is required. Call 910-798-4362 or email CFMprograms@nhcgov.com.

Bus Parking

Bus drivers should drop off students at the designated bus pull-in area along 8th Street. Bus parking is available along 9th Street, beside the Museum.

Need a space to eat?

Picnic lunches are allowed in the Museum Park. Please check the availability of this space for picnics when making your reservation.


Cape Fear Museum provides a host of field trip programs that can be tailored for your home-schooled students (minimum 10 students).

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