Forces and Motion

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Cape Fear Museum is bringing field trips to students virtually! To access the content, click on each part of the field trip to play the video. All virtual field trips are linked to Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards.

FORCES AND MOTION (Best suited for grade 1) 
Science: 1.P.1

Student Assignment: Forces & Motion Reflection Questions (download worksheet and complete as you watch each video)

Part 1: Push, Pull and Friction
Investigate force! Experiment with pushes and pulls, and discover friction; an invisible force that resists motion.

Part 2: Newton’s First Law of Motion
Explore Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion. Construct a movement maze to see this law in action!

Part 3: Newton’s Third Law of Motion
Investigate Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Launch a balloon rocket to discover that every action has an equal and opposite reaction!

Part 4: Balance and Counterweight
Explore balance and counterweight! Experiment with a folk toy that showcases the principles of balance and center of gravity.

Part 5: At Home Activities
Be creative at home and experiment with forces, Newton’s Laws of Motion and balance.

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