Girl Scouts Robotics Workshop

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Thursday, March 28, 2019
5:30-7:30 PM for Daisies

5:30-8 PM for Brownies-Ambassadors
$10 per Scout, FREE for troop leaders, parents and chaperones

Complete two robotics badges with fun, hands-on Lego Robots WeDo 2.0 challenges. Work together to build, program and complete multiple robots or build your own! Each scout will earn Robotics I and II during the workshop.

Daisies: What Robots Do and How Robots Move
Brownies-Ambassadors: Designing Robots and Programming Robots

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED and space is limited. Appropriate for girl scouts of any age. Scouts must be accompanied by a parent, troop leader or chaperone. Older scouts may choose to build with Lego Mindstorms Robots.

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