Health Matters

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Cape Fear Museum is bringing field trips to students virtually! To access the content, click on each part of the field trip to play the video. All virtual field trips are linked to Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards.

HEALTH MATTERS (Best suited for grade 5)
Science: 5.L.1
Sponsored by South East Area Health Education Center (SEAHEC) and New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation

Part 1: The Heart Muscle
Participate in a heart muscle fitness challenge and examine models of the human body.

Part 2: The Cardiovascular System
Observe a role-play of the human cardiovascular system to understand its components, arrangement and function.

Part 3: Pumps and Valves of the Heart
Explore valves and pumps to discover how these mechanical devices relate to the heart.

Part 4: Pulse and Heart Rate
Measure your pulse to find out your resting heart rate, then compare that to your heart rate after physical activity.


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