People of the Past

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Cape Fear Museum is bringing field trips to students virtually! To access the content, click on each part of the field trip to play the video. All virtual field trips are linked to Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards.

PEOPLE OF THE PAST (Best suited for grades 3-4)
Social Studies: 3.H.1, 3.G.1, 3.E.1; 4.H.1, 4.G.1, 4.E.1

Student Assignment: People of the Past Reflection Questions (download worksheet and complete as you watch each video)

Part 1: First Peoples of the Cape Fear Region
Journey back in time and examine artifacts while investigating what life was like for the first people who lived in the Lower Cape Fear region.

Part 2: Colonial/Revolutionary Period
Discover the people that inhabited the Cape Fear region while it was an English colony, investigate the naval stores products that came from longleaf pines and examine how industry began to transform Wilmington into a significant port city.

Part 3: Civil War Period
In the mid-1800s, Wilmington was the largest city in the state and had a very busy port. View a riverfront model, examine artifacts to explore the jobs of the time and discover what is happening in Wilmington in 1863.

Part 4: Reconstruction Period
During the Reconstruction period slavery was abolished, new laws were created, and education changed. Take a tour of an 1870s classroom while you explore these changes.

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