Virtual Little Explorers with Ms. Pepper

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Join us each Friday morning on FACEBOOK at 10 AM for a virtual Little Explorers program with Ms. Pepper. Music, song and dance, games and more! 

April 2: Water Wonders
Splish, splash! Explore the water cycle and states of matter. Discover evaporation, condensation, and precipitation with fun experiments. Join Ms. Pepper for a virtual tour of our new H2O exhibit. If you missed the video, click here to view it.

April 9: Science Parade 
Go on a virtual parade with Ms. Pepper to discover famous scientists and the work they did. Let’s pretend we’re in marching band! If you missed the video, click here to view it.

April 16: Star Power 
What does it take to be a star? See some constellations and hear stories behind them. Do you know any songs about stars?

April 23: My Planet
Practice rotating and revolving just like Earth and discover what causes day, night and seasons. Discover ways to help protect our planet.

April 30: We All Need Trees
Happy National Arbor Day! Explore the many plants and animals that makes trees their home. Discover everyday products that come from trees. Sing a fun tree song with Ms. Pepper!

If you have missed any of Ms. Pepper’s recent videos, you can click on the links below to view them!

March 26: The Science of Spring
March 19: Trees and Me
March 12: Little Einsteins
March 5: Minnie Minnie Symmetry
February 26: 30 Days Hath September

February 19: Color Science
February 12: Pirates Ahoy!
February 5: We’re Human
January 29: Static “Magic”

January 22: We Have a Dream
January 15: Let’s Go to the Dentist!
January 8: Bears, Bears, Bears!

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