Virtual Little Explorers with Ms. Pepper

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Join us each Friday morning on FACEBOOK at 10 AM for a virtual Little Explorers program with Ms. Pepper. Music, song and dance, games and more! 

May 1: May Day Play
Celebrate May Day! Crown yourself the King or Queen of May, examine the parts of a flower and discover the legend of the May Day basket. Play a virtual game of Ring Around the Rosie with Ms. Pepper. If you missed the video, click here to view it.

May 8: Old and New
Cape Fear Museum has a lot of old things in it. They are called artifacts. We have some new things too. Do you have any old things at your house? How old are they? What is the newest thing you have? If you missed the video, click here to view it.

May 15: Beautiful Birds
Explore these wonderful winged creatures. Examine bird anatomy and discover how they are the same and different from other animals. Play a fun flying game with Ms. Pepper. If you missed the video, click here to view it.

May 22: Big and Small
Hear a funny story about an inchworm who grew and grew and then shrank again!  Play “If I Was Bigger/If I Was Smaller” with Ms. Pepper. Match small baby animals with their bigger parents. If you missed the video, click here to view it.

May 29: Creative Chemistry
Step into the exciting world of chemistry!  See experiments to test the power of acids and bases that you can do in your own kitchen. Explore mixtures and solutions with safe household substances.  Discover how to make bouncy blubber and slime. If you missed today’s videos, click the links to view them: States of Matter, Mixtures & Solutions, Chemical Reactions, Penny Polish and Slime!

June 5: Move It!
Discover Newton’s Laws of Motion, push, pull and spinning. Explore how to move it with air, gravity, static electricity and magnets. Sing and dance a fun animal movement song with Ms. Pepper.

June 12: Lake Life
Visit local bottomland ecosystems and take a virtual ride with Ms. Pepper in a kayak to discover what lives in local waters. Make your own food chain and web as you learn the importance of insects, even bees and mosquitoes!

June 19: Take It Apart
See how simple machines make more complex machines work. Discover how parts make a whole. Sing and dance the Go Bananas song with Ms. Pepper.

June 26: Down on the Farm
Identify farm sounds, explore some farm crops that make food we eat and visit a farm to meet a real farmer. Relax with some farm yoga. Learn how to make your own butter at home.

If you have missed any of Ms. Pepper’s videos, you can click on the links below to view them!

April 24: Amazing Adaptations
April 17: My Place in Space
April 10: Wild About Animals
April 3: Dynamic Dinosaurs
March 27: Spring into Science

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